Treating the whole person: Body, mind and soul.

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Family medicine the way it use to be done.

Remember when the doctor use to carry his black bag and come to the house? Remember when he talked right to you? Remember when there was not a computer between you and your doctor? Well, at Samaritan we are putting the personal bedside manner back into medicine. We will care for you as if you were a member of our very own family. Come see us and see the difference.  


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Treating substance use disorder

Treating the disease of substance use disorder is a passion of ours and we utilize many different tools to help you recover. Our intensive medication assisted treatment program utilizes Suboxone, Vivitrol, therapy, Recovery Coaches, self-help groups, and other evidence based best practices to lead you and your family back to health. We strive to remove the stigmas, labels and barriers that stand in the way of your quality long term recovery.


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Mental Health

Samaritan has a staff of highly trained mental health professionals ready to welcome you to our practice. Our therapist are compassionate and have years of experience. Samaritan’s intensive outpatient services provide rapid access and stabilization through programs that are tailored to your needs. Samaritan is an integrated health clinic so we not only offer the therapy that you need but also prescribe the appropriate medications.